Plastic Cup Lids

As an essential part of plastic cups for takeaway drinks, the lid needs to fit the diameter of the plastic cup while providing your customers with a better drinking experience. IMLcustomcup has many years of experience in cup lid design and production, and can provide a variety of cup lids for your plastic cups.

Injection molded cup lid (flat plug, heart-shaped plug), Leak-proof lid, Panda one-piece cup lid, Drop-shaped one-piece lid, Round hole one-piece cup lid, Rotating lid, Dudu cup lid, Helmet cup cover, Half lift lid, suction cup lid, panda cup lid, Diamond lid, Spherical lid, Parallel lid

Flat lid, Arch lid, Half open lid, panda lid, diamond lid, Slanted lid, Double hole lid, high lid, leak-proof lid, domed lids

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