Custom Printed PLA Cups

Custom Compostable Polylactic acid Plastic Cups

If your company places an emphasis on its environmental impact, look no further than our eco-friendly plastic cups! Help the environment by choosing our PLA custom printed compostable plastic cups. They are made from a vegetable based plastic and will break down within 40-60 days in most municipal and commercial compost facilities. Now you can feel confident knowing your business impacts the community and environment in a positive way. By including your own customizable design, you can make your cups one of a kind! With so many color options – from simple and sleek one color prints to fascinating full color, full wrap designs – the possibilities are endless.

This eco-friendly plastic is flexible, so the cups won’t easily break or crack. They are also crystal clear and provide a nice clean surface for custom printing. You can easily pair these cups with either flat straw slot or clear dome lids that are made from the same compostable plastic.

Our high quality compostable cups are the perfect canvas for your logo or design. Get your logo printed on eco-friendly biodegradable plastic cups and start exponentially increasing your brand reach. Our custom compostable cups are perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and hotels looking to build and grow their brand in an environmentally friendly way.

Customized MOQ: 10000

Custom Printed PLA Cups With Your Custom Label Designs

8 OZ, 9 OZ, 10 OZ, 12 OZ, 14 OZ, 16 OZ, 20 OZ, 22 OZ, 24 OZ, 32 OZ, etc.

Spot color printing, 6 colors max.

We can help you with your custom designed PLA cups and straws. Our design experts will communicate with you to confirm if your design is available, and if you do not have a production design available yet, our design experts can help you complete it.

Please contact us for more information.

Custom PET Cups-Various Sizes-IMLcustomcup


100% BIODEGRADABLE – These cups are made from biodegradable PLA plant-based plastics.

When you custom brand biodegradable paper cups you establish your brand as eco-friendly. Having your brand associated with protecting the environment is something that could help to generate more sales with today’s ethical shoppers.

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