Environmentally Friendly Disposable PHA Straws

PHA straws made of new environmentally friendly materials can provide the same feel as old plastic straws without causing environmental pollution, without having to give your customers a poor experience with regular paper straws.

Catering supplies made of PHA also have excellent properties such as heat resistance and high barrier properties. PHA straws can withstand temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius.

PHA materials have very excellent degradation properties. Not only can they be degraded in soil and fresh water, their outstanding degradability properties in the marine environment have brought a new choice for environmental protection.

Why choose PHA

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) is an intracellular polyester synthesized by many microorganisms and is a natural polymer biomaterial.

Because PHA has good biocompatibility, biodegradability and thermal processing properties of plastics, it can be used as a biomedical material and a biodegradable packaging material at the same time. Therefore, it has become the most active research focus in the field of biomaterials in recent years.

Natural or synthetic biodegradable polymer materials often have high water vapor permeability, which is disadvantageous in food preservation. PHA has good gas barrier properties, making it possible to be used in fresh food preservation packaging for a longer period of time. Because the penetration of water vapor is an important indicator in fresh-keeping packaging, the performance of PHA in this regard is completely comparable to products such as PET and PP.

Compared with biological materials such as PLA, PHA has a diversified structure. The composition of PHA can be easily changed by changing bacterial strains, feeds, and fermentation processes. The diversification of performance brought about by the diversity of composition and structure makes it obvious in applications. The advantages.

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