What are the types of PLA degradable straws? How to choose a practical one?

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No matter what kind of production, it needs to be non-polluting to the environment. Nowadays, people attach great importance to the understanding of environmental protection. No matter which industry, the first thing to be satisfied is the production of environmental protection and pollution-free, which can have a protective effect on the environment. For example, in the beverage industry, cups and drinking straws need to be filled, and environmentally friendly materials have also been developed. PLA degradable straws are better environmentally friendly products, so what are the types of such straws? How to see the practicality of the product?

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1.The feeling of using different materials is different

PLA degradable straws have just become popular in recent years, because they will not be degraded for decades like plastic tubes when thrown away after use, but will be degraded after a certain amount of corrosion, and also It can be recycled and reused, thus reducing the harm to the environment.

And there are many degradable materials now, so there are many types of PLA degradable straws produced, some are specially used for hot drinks, and some are used for cold drinks, all of which are degradable. Many manufacturers will use this new degradable material to produce straws, which can greatly reduce environmental pollution after being put into the market.

2.Choose a suitable straw according to your needs, and consult the manufacturer more

For the use of PLA degradable straws, choose a more reliable manufacturer to buy, and go to the manufacturer to conduct an on-site inspection to see if degradable materials are used for production, and whether the straws produced have relevant environmental protection certificates, This will ensure that the straw can be used normally.

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