Take you to understand the difference between Injection Cups and Blister Cups!

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Hello everyone, do you know the difference between injection cups and blister cups? Let me explain it to you in detail.
Mainly the process is different. Blister packaging: a plastic processing technology, the main principle is to heat the flat hard plastic sheet to soften it, then use vacuum to absorb it on the surface of the mold, and then shape it after cooling.

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  1. Injection molding: Molding is mostly used for thermoplastics. It is similar to extrusion molding, the difference is that the molten plastic enters the closed mold through the nozzle, and solidifies and forms the product in the mold. More production of small packaging boxes, daily necessities. Injection cups, disposable milk tea cups, etc. It can also be used in hot plastic processing.
  2. Blistering: The main principle of this kind of plastic processing technology is to heat and soften the flat hard plastic sheet, then absorb it on the surface of the mold by vacuum, and form it after cooling. It is widely used in plastic cups, plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, Decoration and other industries.
  3. Blister products are formed by heating the sheet, then pushing the sheet out to bond the sheet to the mold by suction, and then cooling and forming. This kind of material is mostly used in electronic products, digital products, toys, stationery, hardware accessories, etc. If the product has quality problems, there will be bubbles, crystal points, pull lines, scratches, uneven materials, etc. The types include blister boxes, blister blisters, blister trays, and blister covers.
  4. Injection molding products are usually more expensive than blister products, and their production methods are also different. It is usually made by extruding the plastic after hot-melt pressure onto the injection mold, and then cooling and forming. Usually used for mobile phone case, computer case, plastic cup, mouse case, hardware accessories case, etc. If the product has quality problems, there will be color difference, insufficient filling, welding marks, warping deformation, corrugation, etc.
  5. Blister products are a hot-soft production mode. The tribute tea cup can be made of multiple molds for multiple products at one time. The production cycle of the injection mold in the injection cup is longer, and it is produced by pressing multiple products in a single mold shape, and it does not need to be divided into punches to directly form the product. From the perspective of practical application, blister is a product in the form of packaging, while injection molding is a product in the form of articles. The same thing is that both belong to plastic products.
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