How to choose a suitable injection cup?

the problem of color difference in the customization of plastic milk tea cups and paper milk tea cups imlcustomcup post

Injection cup capacity:

  1. 90 caliber – 360, 400, 500, 600, 700, 1000 ml
  2. 95 caliber – 500, 650, 750 ml
  3. 119 caliber – 1000 ml
Custom Injection Cup-imlcustomcup

how to choose

  1. The material of the injection-molded beverage cup determines the quality of the cup. Generally speaking, silicone resin is better, followed by polypropylene particles (pp), which have strong high temperature and low temperature resistance.
  2. The cups produced by regular manufacturers will clearly mark the specific manufacturer, production address, distributor, specific contact information, etc. The above information is often ambiguous, or there is no similar information at all.
  3. Smell. A good injection cup, even if it smells new, will not have a very special odor, but some inferior plastic cups can smell the pungent inferior plastic or rubber smell as soon as you get close, indicating that the quality of this cup is very poor, try not to use it. Buy.
  4. The shape of the disposable milk tea cup should be firm and should not be deformed. The cup with poor cup body stiffness is very soft when pinched by hand. After pouring water or beverages, it will be seriously deformed when it is lifted, or even unable to be lifted. use. When choosing an injection cup, you can use your hands to gently squeeze on both sides of the cup, and you can roughly know the stiffness of the cup body.
  5. Look at the hardness. Good plastic containers are thick and have good hardness, and they will not be excessively deformed by hand pressing inward. Look at the gloss. When identifying, you can also pour hot water into the plastic water cup to check whether the bottle is deformed and has any odor.
  6. Try not to choose a water cup with a heavier color to prevent it from aggravating the color and covering up the harmful impurities. In addition, to identify the safety of the injection cup, first, see whether the bottle wall is transparent and pure. Inferior plastic products are not washed cleanly and will be sticky and astringent.

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