What kinds of cups are generally used in bubble tea shops?

what kinds of cups are generally used in bubble tea shops imlcustomcup post

We often buy a cup of bubble tea when we go shopping, and the bubble tea cups in our hands are also various, including plastic and paper cups. There are small and exquisite ones, and there are also big bottles full. These are the cups that bubble tea shops will use. How are these cups classified? What other types of cups are there?

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  1. Divided by material. Conventionally, it is divided into PP cups (which are the most popular), PET cups (which are high-end). PP cups are the most commonly used specifications in bubble tea shops. PP bubble tea cups are suitable for most of the handle and quality requirements. The temperature, hygiene and other requirements of bubble tea can be met. PET cups are more suitable for high-end places, because PET cups are slightly higher than PP cups in terms of hardness, thickness, texture, feel, and transparency, but the cost price is much higher, so they are suitable for high-end beverage stores.
  2. Divided by model. It can be divided into 360cc, 420cc, 500cc, 600cc, 700cc, and 1000cc, but the most common model is 500cc, which is the standard model. It is generally called a medium cup, 360cc is called a small cup, and 700cc is called a small cup. It is called a big cup, and the 1000CC is called a giant cup. 420, 600 and several other models are relatively unpopular, so I won’t talk about them here.
  3. Divide by price. There are two meanings in this, one is to compare the customized cup with the public version cup (general-purpose cups that can be purchased on the market), and the other is to compare the cup with other brands of cups. First of all, the price of customized cups is slightly higher than that of public cups due to good quality, brand LOGO, production costs and other reasons. However, there are many problems such as poor quality, easy breakage, and light color patterns of public cups. Although they are cheap, shopkeepers who pay attention to quality will not consider them.
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The above cups for bubble tea are classified according to material, model and price. If you want to customize your own brand bubble tea cup, please contact us.

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