What are the materials of plastic cups? Are they harmful to humans?

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In the era of globalized economic development, the progress and development of science and technology not only change people’s way of life, but also constantly update and change various daily necessities. Cups are widely used in people’s daily life. Plastic cups are very popular because of their changeable shapes, beautiful colors and anti-beating properties. The change of plastic cup material is the best proof of scientific and technological progress. So what is its material?

1. Cup made of PC

PC cups are the most common plastic cups and the first to appear on the market. Its controversy is very big, because the bisphenol A substance contained in this material is very harmful to the human body, especially in the case of high temperature, and because the presence of this substance is found in the market of PC material cups Competitiveness is also declining year by year.

2. PP cups

PP cups are the most sold plastic cups on the market. Bisphenol A has not been detected in domestic PP cups. At the same time, its price is relatively low and it is suitable for people of all walks of life. It is the most resistant to high temperature and shock. , Anti-fall function. Many front-line workers like to use PP cups because of their long service life. It is also currently the only plastic cup that can be put in the microwave.

3. Cups made of Tritan

The cup made of Tritan is a cup that has only been used in recent years. According to incomplete statistics, this material does not contain any harmful substances, and it is also used as a material for infants and young children in some countries. Many people also know this material through baby products. Although plastic cups made of this material are very popular with mothers, they are not so widely used in adult products because they are very expensive.

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