What are the styles of Disposable Milk Tea Cups? Which is more popular in the market

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Milk tea, a popular drink, correspondingly, milk tea cups are mostly disposable. However, being disposable doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be “dressy”. To be honest, there are some differences between milk tea cups and paper cups. In most cases, the latter do not need special ones. Although milk tea cups are also disposable, most of them are specially customized. The reason is that disposable milk tea cups have important requirements for style.

1. cartoon easy style

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In practice, there is a style of disposable milk tea cups that is very popular among people, and it is a cartoon style regardless of age or gender. Many milk tea shops will customize this milk tea cup to meet consumers’ choice needs.

This style is very common in the market, and it is widely recognized because it can bring people a relaxed mood. In other words, if a cartoon-style milk tea cup is used, people can not only taste the sweetness of milk tea, but also appreciate the innocence and happiness of cartoon patterns, and can satisfy both the taste and the mood.

2. Casual comfort

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There is another common disposable milk tea cup style, which is the casual type. This milk tea cup is usually printed with pictures of casual sentiment, such as pastoral content, or slogans that make people relax.

The purpose of this is also to allow consumers to relax while tasting tea, and also to help consumers temporarily break away from the tired real life. On the other hand, this style of milk tea cups is easier to attract the attention of consumers, and it is easier to help milk tea shops attract customers.

3. Antique category

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There is also a style of disposable milk tea cups that has also attracted people’s attention, that is, the antique style, or the antique series. This style usually has a certain traditional cultural background and color, giving people a deep feeling. Of course, it can also better let consumers feel the charm of the combination of modern milk tea and classical culture.

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