The advantages of Injection Molded Milk Tea Cups and the difference between PP and PC Plastic Cups?

the advantages of injection molded milk tea cups and the difference between pp and pc plastic cups imlcustomcup post

Do you know the five advantages of injection molded milk tea cups and the difference between PP and PC plastic cups? The following content is organized by IMLcustomcup for reference.

The multi-functional design of the injection-molded milk tea cup has a straw mouth and a drinking mouth design, so you can drink as you like.

the benefits of customized milk tea cups with logo imlcustomcup post
the benefits of customized milk tea cups with logo imlcustomcup post

Five advantages of injection molded milk tea cups

  1. The cup is thick and textured without a cup holder and is impermeable. Appearance is clear. Fashionable and beautiful, excellent hardness and toughness, suitable for cold and hot drinks.
  2. Hygiene standard: After high temperature sterilization, it is made of food-grade PP non-toxic materials.
  3. High transparency and high quality: Each cup is subject to quality inspection and selection, which is degradable and meets the requirements of green environmental protection. And it is convenient to use, hygienic, and resists the infection of diseases.
  4. New and improved design: the cup body is tall and wide, the bottom of the cup is thick, and does not tip over. It is suitable for use in milk tea shops, coffee shops, aviation, offices, hotels, bars, KTV, furniture and other venues, or special plastic cups for yogurt.
  5. All plastic cups are produced with food-grade raw materials. From sheet production to product molding, all are completed in a dust-free workshop, which fully meets the national health standards.

What is the difference between PP plastic cups and PC plastic cups?

Many people have asked us, how do we distinguish PP plastic cups and PC plastic cups in our daily life? As an excellent injection cup manufacturer, we naturally bring you the following knowledge.

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1. The PC material plastic cup has good light transmittance, is lighter than glass, and has a lower price. The PC material plastic cup can withstand the temperature of -30-140 °C, just saying that this material is not suitable for use at this temperature. Cracks and melts.
2. The PP material plastic cup is quite light and not easy to break; the heat resistance is very good, there is no doubt about the production of toxic substances, it is stable and safe; the only disadvantage is that the light transmittance is slightly poor.
3. The hardness of plastic PC is higher than that of general-purpose plastic PP. The PP raw material is translucent milky white, and the PC raw material is transparent. PP, also known as Baizhe rubber, has better toughness, and PC, also known as bulletproof rubber, has much higher toughness, hardness and impact strength.
4. PP is a general-purpose plastic, the density of PP is less than 1.0 g/cm3, and PP is floating on the water; PC is an engineering plastic, and the density of PC is greater than 1.0 g/cm3, and PC is submerged.
5. PC material plastic cups will produce carcinogenic substances such as bisphenol-A after repeated heating, but PP will not.

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