What is the difference between a Cold Drink Cup and a Hot Drink Cup?

what is the difference between a cold drink cup and a hot drink cup imlcustomcup post

At present, the paper cups on the market are divided into cold drink cups, hot drink cups and ice cream cups. Different uses have different applicable temperatures. Most of the paper cups are coated paper cups, which are mainly coated on one side of the cup, and there is no coating layer on the outside of the cup, which can be used to hold hot drinks. So, the difference between a cold drink cup and a hot drink cup?

What is a cold drink cup?

Because cold beverages will make the surface of the disposable paper cups water, causing the paper cups to soften, it needs to be coated with wax to make it waterproof. This wax is very stable and safe between 0 and 5 °C.

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What is a hot drink cup?

The surface of the hot drink paper cup will be pasted with a special polyethylene film, which not only has good heat resistance, but also is non-toxic under the immersion of high temperature beverages.

What is the difference between a cold drink cup and a hot drink cup?

  1. Cold drink cups are divided into two types according to different processing methods. One is that the paper has good anti-permeability through the wax dip process after the base paper is printed and the cup is made. Penetration resistance. Paper cups processed by dipping wax are printed on the paper surface, and there are no special requirements for raw materials as far as printing itself is concerned.
  2. Hot drink cups are usually used to hold hot drinking products, and the material used for processing is PE single-sided composite paper, that is, single-sided coated paper. Generally, it is printed on the non-PE surface and printed directly on the paper surface. Due to the need for hot drinks, such paper cups need to have a certain degree of thermal insulation after processing, so these products usually require a certain thickness of paper.
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When using paper cups, try to pack the corresponding food according to the instructions on the packaging label. Paper cups are not suitable for containing alcoholic beverages, which are highly permeable to alcohol, which can easily lead to leakage.

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