The problem of color difference in the Customization of Plastic Milk Tea Cups and Paper Milk Tea Cups

the problem of color difference in the customization of plastic milk tea cups and paper milk tea cups imlcustomcup post

The color printed on pp plastic milk tea cups is different from the color designed by the computer. Here I will popularize it for you. In fact, many people do not know much about printing. The difference between the coloring of plastic cups and the coloring of paper cups is completely different. In the process of customizing the milk tea cup, please communicate in advance!

The color printing effect of the paper cup is exactly the same as the color of the computer version, that is because the logo was printed on the original paper by the computer before the paper cup was formed. This is equivalent to the principle that we usually take color photos and then wash them out. Color does not change.

Custom IML Cups-IMlcustomcup

And why does the disposable pp plastic milk tea cup have color deviation? That’s because the pp plastic milk tea cup is first formed and then printed, and it is manually colored, not computerized. Due to the problem of manual color matching, when adjusting the color, the color can only be adjusted against the computer artwork, and the color will inevitably be deviated during this process.

The effect of different people’s coloring is also biased. On the basis of this industry, color deviation in the color printing of pp plastic milk tea cups is a normal phenomenon. As long as you don’t change white to black, yellow to green, etc., other problems are normal. This is also the key technology for color matching of pp plastic milk tea cups, and it is also an uncontrollable factor. Before you customize the milk tea cup, you can understand it first.

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