The advantages of plastic cups and several advantages of Custom Injection Molded Milk Tea Cups

Custom Clear PP Cups No Printing Plastic Cups-IMLcustomcup

Plastic cups have the advantages of being lightweight, easy to carry, and not easy to burn. When choosing a plastic cup, you should choose a cup made of polypropylene, preferably a transparent material, so that it will not contain too many other additives and pigments, and there will be no heavy metals and other harmful components. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic cups!

Custom Clear PP Cups No Printing Plastic Cups-IMLcustomcup
  1. The advantage of plastic cups is that they are light, and the cups made of plastic are not easy to break.
  2. Appearance: Disposable plastic bowls with excellent quality have a shiny appearance, beautiful design and no burrs.
  3. The investment cost of plastic cups is high, and it has a certain scale and standard. The manufacturers of plastic cups are relatively standardized.
  4. Plastic cups can be reused. It can be recycled and reused, reducing social pollution, and can also be recycled to save energy.
  5. The manufacturing process of plastic cups is to preheat the plastic sheet at high temperature, stretch and shape it, and blow air. During this process, the plastic cup is sterilized at high temperature to kill harmful bacteria and reduce the harm to human health! And it The plastics used are heat-resistant.

Several advantages of custom injection molded milk tea cups

  1. Practicality, advertising is easier to accept;
  2. Mandatory, printed on the cup body, when the cup is used, it is always seen intentionally or unintentionally;
  3. Low consumption, practical value, ornamental value, reusable, will not be discarded at will, and higher advertising efficiency;
  4. Targeted, one-to-one, more direct effect;
  5. Monitorability: Introduce the delivery receipt, monitor the whole process, and fully feedback the effect in a timely manner.

The benefits of customized injection cups disposable milk tea cups

  1. Milk tea cups are a daily necessity, and few people refuse to accept them;
  2. The milk tea cups currently on the market are monotonous in color, simple in design and not aesthetically pleasing. The placement of advertisements will give people a refreshing feeling;
  3. Dedicated people to do professional things. Honest has established a systematic and feasible overall process for injection molding cup advertisements, covering all details of disposable milk tea cup advertisements from design, production, to final delivery and effect feedback.
  4. In terms of cost control, the overall investment in the design, production and delivery of advertising milk tea cups has obvious cost advantages compared to other media.

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