What should be paid attention to in the printing of custom milk tea cups?

Custom Printed Injection PP Cups-IMLcustomcup

Many customers require the printing of logos when choosing custom-made milk tea cups, as well as the sharp contrast of colors when printing logos. These requirements will only be better for Honest’s printing department. Let’s talk about the problems that need to be paid attention to in custom-made milk tea cup printing logo!

  1. Stretch pattern. At present, the milk tea cups on the market are formed by compression, and it is normal for the cup surface to have different degrees of stretched threads. Generally, it is normal under the condition that the naked eye can accept it in the past. If the stretch pattern is particularly obvious and thick, it means that the production process is insufficient.
  2. Printing color difference. There is a certain deviation between the color of the rendering and the color after printing, which is commonly known as chromatic aberration. The existence of chromatic aberration is generally within the acceptable range of our naked eyes. If there is obvious color deviation, it is not a chromatic aberration, but a color matching problem.
  3. Weight error. The unit price of milk tea cups is calculated by gram weight, but in the process of factory production, there is no guarantee that the gram weight of each milk tea cup is the same, and there will be positive and negative weights, even if you cut a section of 10 meters at the same time. The weights of the ropes are different, why does this happen? Because the density distribution of the product is not uniform. However, the overall weight remains the same.
  4. Quantity error. In the process of making cups, the quantity cannot be guaranteed, and it is inevitable that there will be too much and too little. After all, the cups are produced in batches during the production process. It is inevitable that several cups will be unqualified in the middle. The unqualified customized milk tea cups and cups must be taken out from the factory, and the quantity will be replenished during the production process. At that time, the raw materials for the production of this batch of cups and other factors. Therefore, the existence of quantitative errors is inevitable, and the actual quantity shall prevail.
Custom Printed Injection PP Cups-IMLcustomcup

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